High Desert Harvest
Contact: Colton Troyer, Zack Troyer
Address: 1600 NE Cackler Lane Bend, OR, 97701
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Phone: 814-528-6907
About Us
Having grown up on a large commercial potato farm, we have been blessed with valuable generational experience
and a love for agriculture. Unable to reconcile all of the negative aspects of conventional farming with our own
beliefs about stewardship to the land, we made the decision to farm in a way that we feel good about. All aspects of
our production system are designed to work together to naturally manage pests, disease and weeds without
pesticides or chemical fertilizers.

Central Oregon provides the ideal growing conditions and flavor for our potatoes. Our field was hand planted with
unique and flavorful varieties difficult to find in mainstream outlets. Central Oregon used to be an important region
for potato production; our goal is resurrect that tradition using modern knowledge and age old farming technique.