Tender Greens
Contact: Jessica McClean-Wilkinson
City: BEND, OR, 97703
Phone: 503-765-5145
About Us
Hi! I'm Jess.
I’m a micro green mama, and owner of Tender Greens / Gorilla Greens. My passion for these sweet little plants started in San Francisco. After years working in restaurants - from dishwasher, to server, to manager, to chef - I started to understand I was meant to grow food, not cook it. It was the flavors, the textures, the colors, the energy of the plants that drew me in.

This is where I truly learned that good food starts not in the kitchen, but on the farm - from the soil you choose to the seeds you plant. Tender Greens is my opportunity to showcase to the world the nuances of taste - one crunchy, fresh, dazzling micro green at a time.

After years of soil experimentation, I found my niche in the farming world with micro greens. I’m passionate about these beautiful little plants and am dedicated to growing the high quality, nutrition packed, visually stunning micro greens possible.
Micro greens are any plant that is 7 to 10 days old. They are abundant in vitamins and minerals, and in many cases contain higher concentrations than their adult counter parts.

Despite their small size, these tiny super foods pack robust, intense, fresh flavors (learn more about flavor profiles here).

The uses are limitless - add crunch + color to your sandwiches or wraps, spice up your salads, blend into a smoothie, or turn your plate into a work of art. These tiny gems will not only make your dishes healthier, but will also make your taste buds happier and plates more beautiful.